Markus Bauer GmbH

As a serviceoriented company we are always attentively to provide an "all inclusive" package to our clients. Contact us, we will be pleased to inform you!

Car export

Due to our long-year experience in merchandising with foreign clients and suppliers we can offer you a wide range of services in the export and import sector. That includes organisation of the transport (by air, sea, rail or road) and complying custom formalities. Excellent relations to german car manufacturers such as Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Audi and VW allow us to give you the highest degree of flexibility regarding deliverability, pricing and a short delivery period. Solid and long-time bank contacts secure you a quick, traceable and save money transfer.

Import of Young- und Oldtimers 

If fluctuations in excange rates are advantageous, we are flexible enough to transpond from export to import at any times. Some of our former buyers are todays suppliers and cars once shipped to Japan or the US are now prospected in Germany. Benefit from long-lasting and trustfully cooperations and experience the amenity to buy high-class cars (20 years and older) without being on-site!

Car Registration

... get in and get going!

Every car offered is ready for registration in Germany, including all required documents. Because of cooperations with different insurance companies (and brokers), we are even able to manage that for you. You just need to pick the car up and get going!